Roger + Whitni Wedding

Where: Georgia Aquarium 225 Bake St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

Filming this wedding was awesome !! What we enjoyed most is capturing an old school traditional wedding. A part of the summary video has live audio and I truly cherish that, because we hardly ever capture weddings that has live music……. 

Enough of that, let’s talk about Roger and Whitni. When we first met Roger and Whitni we realized that they are totally opposite from each other but at the same time they balance each other so well. It is amazing how we can see individual personality throughout the day while filming. With Roger we caught him during the ceremony making a joke. The paster said, “Salute the bride “, and Roger tried his best to literally salute the bride before kissing. LOL, that alone showed us that even though Roger was quiet and very laid back, he had a funny side to him. I LOVE IT! Whitni is very energetic and when we first talked on the phone (OMG) she was very nice and energetic about everything….A Little.. Once her friend made a comment during the toast at the reception, I realized she was just a person who was very energetic had a bubbly spirit. Roger and Whitni decided to become one and we enjoyed being apart of the wedding. 

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