Our mission is to film your wedding day in a unique way that express your story. We understand that your wedding day is a one time life-time event that can’t be made over. It is our desire to capture every moment of it. 

The beauty of marriage between a man and a woman is that they are becoming one through good times and bad times. That is why it is our goal to provide impactful wedding films that can help you endure to the end.

Genesis 2:24

I Got You

We enjoyed filming this wedding! This wedding had so many great moments/memories. This is why we enjoy filming weddings. You have a chance to create memories that cannot be made over.


Here is a wedding video of Scott and Courtney Williams this video was shot in Elberton Georgia. Forever vows mission is to provide authentic images for our clients, videos that make your vision become a reality, and create professional websites for your company. With quality over quantity, we want to help small businesses and individuals achieve their vision.

As Long As We Both Shall Live

The Harper’s Wedding Film – As long as we both shall live
We really enjoyed filming and getting to know Mr. and Mrs. Harper individually and as a couple. Love is a beautiful thing and when you continue to love each you cannot separate from the one you love.

College Sweetheart

Mars Hill, North Carolina is where it all begins with these two. I, Darryl K Lewis Jr. ,had the privilege of going to college with both of them. They were always together but never had a title lol. I was thinking that they will eventually get together and guess what…. They are now engage and will be getting married.

Marriage is not made for the weak

Marriage is not made for the weak by Richard & Larasha Rucker. This wedding was amazing. Getting to know Richard and Larasha helped us in so many ways while filming this wedding. Marriage is not all gravy, when things gets rough we have to fight for our marriage and get better understanding on what we can do to make it better. Marriage is not made for the weak. *Everlasting Love*

Forever Vows

We enjoyed filming Tametric Hunt and Dresha Hunt wedding. Being able to be apart of their wedding day is special to us and we hope you all enjoy this film as much as we enjoyed filming it. Mr. & Mrs. Hunt have a successful and prosperous marriage today and forever!!!

Our Love Is Still Young

A lifetime to go by Mr. & Mrs. Scruggs. I enjoyed getting to know them. With all our clients our goal is to meet at least one time and meeting with them made our day. After 25 years the authentic love is still there.

Never Despised Small Beginnings

On December 28th, 2019 Paris and Quatania had a Pre New Year’s Eve family and friends game night. Secretly, this day is the day that Paris will ask her to marry him. We are excited for them and we hope the best for them. Paris and Tan showed us that no matter where you are at in life, there is always a greater outcome. With Paris working at Lowes pushing buggies, who knew that he would find his soulmate there. Tan was at the right place at the right time and that’s just beginning of their love story.

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