Darryl and Shalisha Lewis

Darryl and Shalisha fell in love with each other at 2nd site. While meeting each other through a friend of Shalisha and a cousin of Darryl (Dj), they finally fell in love each other on January 1st, 2014. To watch the full video on they met, click here . While dating Shalisha went to Northeast Georgia Technical to start he photography career while Dj was a full time musician at Redemption World Outreach in Asheville Nc. Dj helped Shalisha filmed her first wedding and decided to pursue the videography career. Since then they became Lovers and Business Partners and now have a beautiful family.

Meet Our Family

We have three childrens: Daniel, Edyn, and Davyn Lewis. Each one has a special place in their heart for photography and videography and enjoy watching the Dad & Mom work full time in their business.

A Message From the Lewis’

Capturing onetime lifetime events is what matter to us. We decided to have a small elegant wedding. Our family member volunteered and did the best he could to capture what he could at our wedding. Till this day we regret not having a photographer and videographer to capture.