2nd Shooter (Kevin Nguyen)

Kevin Nguyen

Event Information

Event Venue:

  • Date: October 8th, 2022
  • Location: Fitzpatrick Courtyard 16 W Square
  • Address: 16 W Square Washington GA 30673

Start/End Time

  • 3:00pm - 6:30pm (For Second Shooter)
  • What to prepare for
    • Letter Reading
    • First Look
  • Ceremony Starts at 6:00pm


Payment: I, Darryl Lewis, will pay the sum of $350 for gas to Kevin Nguyen and will be paid on October 8th, 2022 cash. This Agreement is made effective for all purposes in all respects as of by and between Kevin Nguyen and Darryl Lewis, hereinafter referred to as "The CLIENT" relating to the event(s)

detailed, hereinafter referred to as "The EVENT(S).

Shooting Information / Additional:

We will be together most of the day. Bride and groom will be in the same hotel, so in this case we will stay together. Groom and bride will have a first look. Let us make sure we mic everyone that is involved in the first look to get audio. There is no bridal party

I am grateful for the opportunity of working with you and I hope we can continue working together. Here is some information on how I usually do things for weddings.

Filming information

  • 24fps/60 shutter (M) (Primary of the time)
  • 60fps/120 shutter For slow motion 
  • White Balance is always on auto
  • make sure f-stop goes no higher than 4.0 and I love natural light and windows)

2nd shooter will be responsible for (Ceremony)

  • Mic the Groom and Pastor
  • We will both get the groom walking down  the aisle
  • When bride is going down the aisle, make sure you get him looking at her, I will be getting her

Be aware of

  • First shooter and Photographer
    • Let’s try to stay out of the camera when filming

Zoom Meeting with Bride

Checklist For Videographer

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Signed On: October 4, 2022

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